About A.m.f. welding

A.M.F. ?

A  - Absolute - Quality work, free from imperfections.

M - Mobile - Speaks for itself; we can be anywhere!

F  - Fabrication - Whether it be metal, wood or both, we can build it, absolutely!

Why choose A.M.F. Welding?

Casey has the experience and professionalism to accomplish any project entrusted in him. His extensive background in the ironworking industry encompasses erecting structural steel, underwater pipe welding, and project management, to name a few . He is passionate about welding, and is dedicated to completing any project put on his plate with the best quality. Weather it be welding in the field or in the fields of Idaho where his two loving parents taught him the value of hard work, he is the man to get the job done and done right. 

Still need convincing?

Check out our Project's page! Or give us a call, we are more than happy to provide references from customers who felt we were the absolute best fit for the job!


Drop us a line if you need a quote or have an idea you want fabricated!

We can build anything from custom mixed media tables, to entire pole building structures. Our will is our way, and we are the way to go if you need something fabricated or welded!

AMF Welding [360.982.3898] LIC# ABSOLMW816L4

12707 Quantum Lane, Anacortes, Washington 98221, United States